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Solar Data Collector


Solar Data Collector creates a solution for advanced forecasting, assessment, monitoring, optimization and proactive management of the output of photovoltaic systems. The solution measures irradiation, temperature and humidity in a more precise manner and uses meteorological data from various sources for predictions’ modelling. The solution estimates the amount of energy that can be generated by photovoltaic panels on a given location and helps optimize the specifications for maximum benefit, and also can predict and alert loses.


Worldwide growth of photovoltaics (PV) is a continuous exponential curve, evolving from a niche market of small scale applications to a mainstream electricity source. Nevertheless, frequently varying output of PV caused by clouds movement and weather condition make it an intermittent and unreliable source when connected to grid. Connecting intermittent sources to grid introduces challenges in various technical aspects such as power quality, protection, generation dispatch control and reliability. In this context, the use of advanced forecasting of variable generation has become an essential strategy, allowing users to proactively manage the system’s output and maintain grid’s stability and minimizing grid loses. Moreover, evaluation of performance in highly variable conditions is difficult without the use of precise data. The solution consists of a portable meteorological station which can be installed on the location of the photovoltaic system and a cloud based platform for data storage, advanced analytics and visualization.



Aleksandar Momiroski

CEO & co-founder


Damjan Postolovksi

CTO & co-founder