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Navigating Denver Startup Week: The FinalFind Success Story

FinalFind, one of our most promising startups, has been making remarkable strides as an event navigation solution. Our journey recently led us to the heart of innovation at Denver Startup Week (DSW) 2023, a dynamic gathering of like-minded innovators and entrepreneurs.We were thrilled to be active participants as a Product Track Sponsor, adding our unique touch of innovation to DSW. And here's the exciting part - FinalFind achieved remarkable success at this event, and we can't wait to share all the exciting details with you!But that's not all – FinalFind is also a fantastic solution for the hospitality and delivery industries. With FinalFind, you can count on punctual deliveries and never worry about missing key locations at your resort. We're here to make your brand stand out, and this is a story of how we did it at the DSW!Our First Event Navigation ChallengeDSW is an annual weeklong event, celebrated as the largest free entrepreneurial gathering in Denver, Colorado and beyond. This unique event unites entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionaries from diverse backgrounds to celebrate great companies, innovation, ideas, and the people driving them. But this year is special!This year marked the 12th anniversary of Denver Startup Week, and what a celebration it was! With over 230 captivating sessions that ignited the passion of more than 11,000 entrepreneurs, this event embodied the very essence of innovation and success.But what truly sets our hearts racing is our journey throughout this 5-day event! FinalFind emerged as a star, making event navigation smoother than ever. Here's a glimpse of the impact we made:- Visits: 8,960- Unique Users: 1,377- Representing an impressive 12.5% of total participantsFinalFind didn't just simplify navigation; it ensured that attendees effortlessly reached their intended event destinations.DSW's Seamless Integration with FinalFindSo, how did Denver Startup Week make FinalFind an integral part of its event experience?Setting up FinalFind was a streamlined process, with organization account registration and verification. Customizing the interface to match DSW's visual identity was a piece of cake. In just 15 minutes, the system was up and running, making it incredibly efficient for event organizers to kickstart their navigation upgrade. After the system setup, all content became accessible on the platform.To further enhance the user experience, Denver Startup Week seamlessly integrated FinalFind links and QR codes on their website. Each scheduled event had its dedicated page, complete with a special link and QR code. These digital signs were like a lifeline for users struggling to reach specific locations. Thanks to this integration, attendees smoothly reached their intended event venues without any hassle.DSW FeedbackWe're absolutely thrilled to receive feedback, and this one holds a special place in our hearts!Chantel Allbee, DSW's Senior Manager, graciously shared her experience with FinalFind, stating, “At Denver Startup Week 2023, our experience with FinalFind was nothing short of amazing. Although the platform is super easy to use, the FinalFind team was like a reassuring friend during our initial setup. They patiently guided us, and their warm support made all the difference, especially for us first-timers. Throughout the event, the FF team remained consistently kind and responsive. With FinalFind, our participants experienced stress-free navigation, and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees who found it helpful. We look forward to continuing our partnership with FinalFind in the future”.FinalFind: Future ProspectsThe success of FinalFind at Denver Startup Week 2023 has lit a path to exciting new horizons. So, the journey doesn't end here; in fact, it's just beginning.We are thrilled to expand our reach to more organizations and events, aiming to enhance their navigation experiences. With FinalFind, creating personalized arrival guides is a breeze. Our platform simplifies routes, highlights landmarks, and provides accurate turn-by-turn directions, so you'll never have to worry about getting lost again!But there's more to FinalFind than just being an event navigation app. We're your trusted partner for discovering hidden gems in hospitality and ensuring seamless deliveries. Whether it's enhancing event experiences or exploring new horizons, we're here to support you every step of the way. So, why wait? Give FinalFind a try, and let's embark on this exciting journey together.

Kristina Dragojević