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Digital Den Hub is a startup accelerator that gathers a family of thinkers and doers, professionals and dreamers focused on making startups succeed.
How we do it?
We run on inspiration.
We thrive with innovation.
We feed on ideas.
And just love people that dedicate themselves to those three.


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Digital Den is a startup program designed to help new startups achieve success. We help founders solve problems typically associated with creating a startup by providing technological support, funding, mentoring, and training.
The Digital Den concept is designed as a starting point for commercial ideas of innovation, and staffing for the IT industry and beyond. DD is a place to set up, anticipate and respond quickly to all market turbulence and demands for startups.

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Developing the program for promotion our startups in the USA

How is the program for promoting our startups developing in the USA?

In Phoenix and Denver over the past two days, we have been intensively synchronizing activities and deepening cooperation with the programs of the World Trade Center and the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association in the field of offering mentorship, expertise and know-how for our startups in Colorado. 
The famous Thunderbird School of Global Management and also the Arizona State University The Global Chamber and Entrepreneurship + Innovation programs combined together can offer extraordinary conditions for our startups to connect with global initiatives/partners, prestigious mentors and representatives of investment funds that have been on the scene since the very beginning of the startup ecosystem in Arizona. 

While writing this, we are also starting preparations for our arrival in the USA in March next year and we can definitely promise an unprecedented program in our whole region. 

Digital Den is becoming an unavoidable factor in the development of the innovation, entrepreneurial and startup scene in the Balkans. 

When the fuel is innovation and you are driven by ideas:
Then everything is inspiration.


Digital Den offices in the USA

The founders of Digital Den, Darko Ivanovic and Nenad Novovic, in addition to visiting partners in as many as six US states, signing contracts on the formation of the Advisory Board, also planned to establish a permanent presence in Phoenix and Denver, amongst other cities.

And so, we present to you (behind the backs of our rather big guys) the offices of Digital den within the business ecosystems of The Commons on Champa in Denver and the SkySong, The ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center complex in Phoenix.

With this unprecedented move, Digital Den opens up the opportunity for all startups from our hub and the innovative community from the Balkans to have their own representative office, space for work and meetings in the countries with which we have a partnership.
On the other hand, our premises in Podgorica will, after signing the cooperation agreement, become representative offices for businesses from the area which - for now - covers about 8 million people.

Offices in the US? Doesn't sound bad. Welcome!


DD established a partnership with the Spencer Fane law group

Digital Den takes historic steps by visiting Arizona!

A partnership was established with the Spencer Fane LLP, specifically with Mr. Michael Patterson, who will work with the Digital Den team on logistics for our startups in the upcoming period. The cooperation will focus on:
- registration of US representative offices;
- alignment with local legislation and the tax system;
- protection of intellectual property;
- establishing a sales network for startups in the United States of America;
- logistics and assistance in establishing contacts with VC funds, angel investors, and investment groups.

Thanks to this venture, Digital Den will be able to provide a unique opportunity for a soft landing to all startups from our incubator, expansion of the sales network, as well as access to investments necessary for faster growth in America, but also the global market. 

We are building a better startup community together!


New members of DD Advisory Board

Already a lasting partnership with Arizona State University has a new milestone: during the visit to Phoenix - Darko Ivanovic and Nenad Novovic, founders of Digital Den signed an Advisory Board Member Agreement with Aric H. Bopp, Executive director of Economic Development at Arizona State University and Thomas Maynard, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Greater Phoenix Economic Council making it the first in the row of illustrious signings aimed at forming a stellar Advisory board.

With this unprecedented move Digital Den is becoming a unique venture in innovation and startup realm in the Balkans and Europe: 8+ members of the advisory board are experienced business professionals that will help steer Digital den next moves in global expansion and fortify our commitment to building bridges to US and other leading economies.

Stay tuned: more great names to come!


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