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Digital Den Hub is a startup accelerator that gathers a family of thinkers and doers, professionals and dreamers focused on making startups succeed.
How we do it?
We run on inspiration.
We thrive with innovation.
We feed on ideas.
And just love people that dedicate themselves to those three.


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Digital Den operates as a startup studio/hub based in Montenegro, acting as a catalyst for new entrepreneurial endeavors of the Balkan region. It aims to connect all important actors in the Montenegrin economy in order to encourage the development of a new industry, improve Montenegro's position in the research and innovation sector, putting us on the regional, European and world map. We solve problems, mainly related to registration and initial stages of startups, technological support, financing, mentoring, and unlike others, we are building a bridge to investors in the United States.

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Flourish received an award for being the most innovative company in Montenegro

Flourish, one of the startups from our first generation, received an award for being the most innovative company in Montenegro.

This represents the highest accolade attainable for any innovative company in Montenegro, marking a historic moment not only for Flourish but also for our country. It's noteworthy as the first instance in the history of the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce where a startup company has received such a prestigious award.

This recognition is a testament to vision, dedication, and effort! We extend our congratulations to the Flourish team, and we have confidence that even greater achievements lie ahead for them!


Darko Ivanovic at the round table on Balkan Angel's Summit

At the invitation of our partners from the BEST network, the 787 Foundation from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Darko Ivanović, the CEO of Digital Den, participated in a roundtable at the Balkan Angel's Summit in Sarajevo. During the event, he discussed the strengthening of innovations and investments in our region.


Balkan Tech Summit Marks Milestone with Formation of Balkan Tech Fund

The four-day Balkan Tech Summit, held from October 16th to 19th, welcomed over 20 American investors, representatives of business sectors from the various US states, alongside our local and regional partners. We visited Podgorica, Kotor, Ulcinj, and Cetinje. These locations witnessed the organization of more of the five panels and open discussions, engaging more than 70 participants. The Summit marked a formalization of the establishment of the first fully private venture capital fund investing in Balkan innovations.

This event provided a unique networking opportunity, fostering the exchange of experiences and knowledge with a significant number of investors and experts from both America and the Balkans.
Beyond them, we brought together representatives from the Government of Montenegro, American Embassy, the regional and local business, IT, and startup communities, all to promote the potential of Balkan startups, local companies, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, officials, and other success stories from Montenegro and the region. 

Our General Partners, Peter Adams, Darko Ivanović, and Nenad Novović, expressed their conviction that the establishment of BTF would significantly enhance Montenegro's position in the investment, research, and innovation sectors, placing our country on the regional, European, and global map. 

The Balkan Tech Summit was organized in collaboration with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay Resort, Hotel Ramada, and the Assembly of the Municipality of Ulcinj. 

✅ 4 days
✅ 4 cities
✅ 40 international guests
✅ 7 panels
✅ 8 startups
✅ 10 million$ in size
👉🏻 3 words: Balkan Tech Fund


Darko Ivanovic is one of the panelists at the Splet Tech conference.

Today, the Splet Tech Conference is taking place, featuring our CEO Darko Ivanović as one of the panelists. The discussion topic on this panel is "Western Balkans Start-up Alliance - Why are we stronger together." The conference brings together members of the academic community, startup founders, investors, corporations, government institutions, non-governmental organizations, and other key participants in the innovation ecosystem. These enthusiastic contributors, through innovative entrepreneurship, are creating new value for the economy and society, providing an excellent opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, and key aspects of the startup world.


Navigating Denver Startup Week: The FinalFind Success Story


Kristina Dragojević


Building a Thriving Startup Ecosystem in Montenegro: An Update from Digital Den

Daddy, what is a startup?

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