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Digital Den Hub is a startup accelerator that gathers a family of thinkers and doers, professionals and dreamers focused on making startups succeed.
How we do it?
We run on inspiration.
We thrive with innovation.
We feed on ideas.
And just love people that dedicate themselves to those three.


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Digital Den is a startup program designed to help new startups achieve success. We help founders solve problems typically associated with creating a startup by providing technological support, funding, mentoring, and training.
The Digital Den concept is designed as a starting point for commercial ideas of innovation, and staffing for the IT industry and beyond. DD is a place to set up, anticipate and respond quickly to all market turbulence and demands for startups.

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Signed MoU with UN1QUELY

Signed Memorandum of Cooperation between Digital Den and UN1QUELY. 

UN1QUELY is a leading software company for developing high-quality digital products and providing cyber-security services from the defensive, offensive, and management aspects.
Startups are moving fast as they juggle multiple competing priorities, and while cybersecurity should be one of them, many startup founders need help figuring out where to start.

Thanks to the cooperation with the company UN1QUELY, from now on, our startups will be protected from potential cyber-attacks.

We are building a more advanced startup community!


Eighth startup from our portfolio received an investment

For a successful end to 2022, there is one more investment! 

GoPlantMe - First Smart City Urban Greenery Platform, a startup from the first generation of our portfolio, received an investment from the company Zetagradnja thanks to the Law on Incentive Measures for the Development of Research and Innovation. is a platform that represents a free, decentralized carbon credit marketplace. The platform brings together participants who aim to fight climate change, plant trees and preserve biodiversity.

Thanks to the move of the Zetagradnja company, the will be able to further develop the application, as well as the sales and marketing activities necessary for its placement on the global market.

Investment in is an investment in sustainable, green and healthier Montenegro. 
Support in the development of the Montenegrin startup ecosystem and IT community. 
Creating a better and nicer environment for everyone. 

Congratulations to the founders and investors! 

2023 here we come! 


Providing investments to our startups

As we announced, we are in the process of providing investments to other startups from our portfolio! 

Thanks to another move by the Bemax d.o.o. company and Apex capital Partners, Foodyness, the startup of the second generation of Digital Den, received an investment that will enable its further development. 

Foodyness is a software platform solution that promotes healthy eating habits in an interactive and child-friendly way. Thanks to this gamified idea, two big trends come together - the growing attachment of children to mobile devices, and the less healthy diet in childhood, which connects, integrates and improves them in the right way. 

We are connecting investors and innovative ideas! 

A new industry is in the making and in these exciting times we are honored to be a place that brings together innovation, capital and knowledge - to paint a new picture of Montenegro! 

Montenegro, which expects even more investments tomorrow. 

Follow us more!


More investments in our portfolio

Another startup from the second generation of Digital Den has attracted an investment! 

This time, it is the startup Go4Adventure, which, thanks to the Law on Incentive Measures for the Development of Research and Innovation, won the trust of the Bemax - the largest Montenegrin construction company  and also Apex Capital Partners which with these investments, became a co-owners of this innovative solution! 

Go4Adventure presents a gamified software solution intended for the hospitality industry, which aims to motivate people to live more actively and go to places which creates value for existing businesses.

Go4Adventure has gone through the process of concept, development of the idea, application to the Register of Innovation Activities. Besides, the creation of a prototype is underway and its finalization as well as its placement on the markets of Montenegro, the Western Balkans, the United Arab Emirates and the United States of America, will be successfully realized thanks to the investment of these two companies.
Congratulations to the founders and investors! 

We are just getting started! 


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