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Digital Den Hub is a startup accelerator that gathers a family of thinkers and doers, professionals and dreamers focused on making startups succeed.
How we do it?
We run on inspiration.
We thrive with innovation.
We feed on ideas.
And just love people that dedicate themselves to those three.


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Digital Den operates as a startup studio/hub based in Montenegro, acting as a catalyst for new entrepreneurial endeavors of the Balkan region. It aims to connect all important actors in the Montenegrin economy in order to encourage the development of a new industry, improve Montenegro's position in the research and innovation sector, putting us on the regional, European and world map. We solve problems, mainly related to registration and initial stages of startups, technological support, financing, mentoring, and unlike others, we are building a bridge to investors in the United States.

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Sofi Sofa presented to Montenegrin speech therapists

Thanks to the support of the Montenegrin Institute of Education and the Ministry of Education, Science, and Innovation, a presentation of the Sofi Sova mobile application was held for speech therapists in educational institutions.

As a reminder, Sofi Sova is a mobile application designed for children aged four to seven, conceived as a fun game where they interact with the owl character Sofi, who engages them through puzzles to develop their language abilities and verbal reasoning. With age-appropriate characters, interactivity, direct engagement, and fun activities, children practice speech sounds, learn word segmentation, and foster imagination.

Together, we proudly continue to further enhance Sofi Sova, with invaluable support from speech therapists along the way.


Digital Den in the next round of EDIH call

Another success for our small team! Digital Den has passed the Public Call for pre-selection of candidates from Montenegro to participate in the "Digital Europe" program - the network of European digital innovation hubs for associated countries. Through our own efforts, we have become competitive in this segment in just two years of operation.

In addition to us, the University of Montenegro, together with its partners from the consortium - the University of Donja Gorica, ICT Cortex, Technopolis, and the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro - is also in the final phase at the European level, where the selection of candidates who will represent Montenegro in the EDIH network will take place.

Working on improving the ecosystem in Montenegro is a victory for all of us. Good luck in the next phase!


Balkan Startup Night in New York City

Our cohort has landed in the Big Apple for the final leg of the MTSB3 journey. In NYC, we continued the another Acceleration Program in person and geared up for our pitches at the Balkan Startup Pitch Night in New York! Our MTSB3 cohort consisted of six startups delivered compelling pitches and left the audience inspired. Tonight's event, hosted by Start2 Group, provided a platform for our entrepreneurs to showcase their innovation and talent to a diverse audience of investors, industry professionals, and fellow entrepreneurs. 

As our Acceleration program in New York approaches its conclusion and our transformative journey enters its final stages, let’s raise a toast to the remarkable accomplishments of our cohort. 

With newfound knowledge and experience, we return empowered to further develop and strengthen the Balkans ecosystem. 


3Hills is a part of Google Plays Indie Games Accelerator 2024

We are thrilled to announce that 3Hills, one of the startups from our portfolio, has been selected to participate in the Google Play Indie Games Accelerator program for 2024!
This 10-week program provides support to high-potential indie game studios to build and grow a successful company in the gaming industry.
Only 60 teams from around the world were chosen, and 3Hills is one of just 16 teams from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Congratulations on this fantastic opportunity, and we look forward to their future successes!


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