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Digital Den Hub is a startup accelerator that gathers a family of thinkers and doers, professionals and dreamers focused on making startups succeed.
How we do it?
We run on inspiration.
We thrive with innovation.
We feed on ideas.
And just love people that dedicate themselves to those three.


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Digital Den is a startup program designed to help new startups achieve success. We help founders solve problems typically associated with creating a startup by providing technological support, funding, mentoring, and training.
The Digital Den concept is designed as a starting point for commercial ideas of innovation, and staffing for the IT industry and beyond. DD is a place to set up, anticipate and respond quickly to all market turbulence and demands for startups.

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The founders of Digital Den at the promotion of Missafir at the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Montenegro

Darko Ivanovic and Nenad Novovic, the founders of Digital Den, were honored to attend a reception hosted by Ambassador of the Republic of Turkiye, Mr. Barış Kalkavan. 

The event marked the promotion and entry of Missafir the largest Turkish short and mid-term home rental brand, into the Montenegrin market. Missafir known for its technology-driven end-to-end services, offers innovative property management solutions for homeowners and provides guests with a seamless and comfortable stay. 

Their entry into Montenegro showcases their commitment to contribute to the local tourism industry and economy. 

We are delighted to be part of this occasion and glad for the opportunity to get to know Missafir better. We wholeheartedly wish them continued success and prosperity in their future endeavours! 


Tom Rainey Drives Success at Maine Entrepreneurs Summit and Sets Stage for DigiGrow's Portland Expansion

News from our Advisory Board member, Tom Rainey! 

As the Executive Director of the Maine Center for Entrepreneurs and a seasoned business and economic development strategist, Tom Rainey recently spearheaded the highly successful Maine Entrepreneurs Summit in Portland. 
This annual flagship event attracted 280 attendees and served as the platform to unveil their ten-year economic development and five-year science and technology plans.

At the event, they welcomed John Harthorne, Founder and Managing Director of Two Lanterns Venture Partners and renowned entrepreneur, who joined them at the summit. John's remarkable expertise, particularly as the visionary behind MassChallenge, the largest and most successful accelerator supported by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, added unique value to the event.

Additionally, they had the opportunity to witness the culmination of the regular pitch competition, which showcased new talents and innovation within the American startup ecosystem. 

In other updates, we are thrilled to announce that DigiGrow Ltd, one of the startups from the DD portfolio, is on the verge of moving to Portland, with plans to launch operations in Maine as well. During this process, Tom Rainey has provided invaluable support to DigiGrow Ltd. 

DigiGrow Ltd's groundbreaking all-in-one software platform revolutionizes the organic farming industry by equipping farmers and businesses with essential knowledge, streamlined certification mechanisms, and practical go-to-market tools, catering to the growing global demand for certified organic products. 

We are privileged to have our portfolio composed of visionaries and leaders, and we are incredibly proud of our Advisory Board members who contribute significantly to the development of the Montenegrin startup ecosystem with their expertise, knowledge, and connections. 

Stay tuned for more updates about how the startup community in Montenegro is developing alongside well-established global startup ecosystems. 


Digital Den at Keiretsu Forum Pitch Day in Tirana

Anja Adamović and Nina Milic, representing Digital Den, took part in the Pitch Day organized by Keiretsu Forum in Tirana. 

During the event, six startups showcased their innovative ideas and products, with the primary goal of securing investments for their further development and obtaining valuable advice for future endeavors.

As you are already aware, the MTSB project gathers a minimum of 10 startups from Montenegro and the Western Balkans every year, embarking on a three-week tour across five states in the United States. Before embarking on the trip itself, the Digital Den team collaborates with partners from the BEST regional network to attend similar events in five Western Balkan countries. This allows them to identify the most promising ideas from the region and contribute to enhancing the startup ecosystem through their collective efforts.

We are confident that this event, thanks to the invitation from the Keiretsu Forum, will foster fruitful collaborations with startups from Albania, North Macedonia, and Kosovo, thereby strengthening networking opportunities and cultivating a robust startup ecosystem in the region.


Digital Den is participating in the EDCON global Ethereum conference

In the upcoming days, Digital Den will be participating in the EDCON global Ethereum conference as the sole startup studio from Montenegro and the surrounding region. This event will also be a great opportunity to introduce the Balkan Tech Fund, Montenegro's first venture capital fund and the only one featured at EDCON. 

Today, on the first day of the conference, the Digital Den team will not only showcase their activities and future plans but will also attend the Super Demo Day.

EDCON (Community Ethereum Development Conference) is a non-profit annual global Ethereum conference. It takes place in different countries each year (EDCON 2017 in Paris, 2018 in Toronto, 2019 in Sydney, 2020-2021 online, 2022 in San Francisco). The conference's primary focus is to foster communication and interaction among Ethereum communities worldwide, contributing to the growth and development of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting events scheduled for the upcoming days! 


Building a Thriving Startup Ecosystem in Montenegro: An Update from Digital Den


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