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Final Find


Final Find is an innovative location, communication and tracking application for the tourism industry. Travel is an event that awakens joy, relaxation and adventure in all of us. Have you ever traveled? Of course you have! Have you ever booked an apartment on some of the major booking websites? Of course, you have! Have you ever thought, oh my god, will I find this apartment easily, what if I got lost in a new town? I’m taking my family to visit this country for the first time. Of course, you have! So all guests have the same problem. Will they easily locate their booked accommodation?


Question for accommodation owners: As an accommodation owner, just ask yourself how many times you had to explain to your guests how to find your place. Did any of your guests ever get lost? Did you ever have a bad review because of that? Say goodbye to all of these problems. We are here to solve them with a single mobile application. Welcome to Final Find startup. Final Find is an Airbnb plug-in that helps tourists to easily locate and find their reserved accommodation (hotel, apartment, BNB ...) as well as accommodation publishers to accurately, in several ways, explain the location to their guests while reducing the arrival and waiting process at a minimum time. Final Find has all the information that a traveler should have before arriving at a particular location, allows owners to better communicate with guests and explain to them to the smallest detail textually and visually where exactly the apartment is located. Final Find provides you confidence, safety and pleasure of the trip.



Uglješa Samardžić

CEO & founder