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Intell Infomed


Intell Informed is a next-generation Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) platform designed to serve multiple industries. Unlike competitors who focus mainly on intelligence agencies and government clients, Intell Informed democratizes advanced OSINT techniques, leveraging machine learning and AI to provide verifiable information efficiently and cost-effectively.


Intell Informed is the only platform in Europe that supports multiple industries, making us a trailblazer in democratizing advanced OSINT techniques. Why Choose Intell Informed? Cutting-Edge Technology: Our platform employs continuous, automated information collection and monitoring using machine learning and is moving towards natural language AI models. Privacy First: We prioritize privacy by design and lawful processing to prevent misuse of publicly available data. User verification and lawful intent are required before initiating any search queries. Talent-Driven: Our team's cumulated knowledge in ethical hacking, OSINT, and engineering provides verifiable information at a fraction of the time and cost. Industry-Specific Solutions: We offer real-time, comprehensive supplier and third-party data for governance, proactive defense for security, and automated ethical hacking reconnaissance, as well as tailored data for private investigations.



Damjan Cvetanović

Co-founder & CEO


Milenko Jevremović

Co-founder & CTO


Branko Džakula

Co-founder & Advisor