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The first Montenegrin speech therapy mobile application is intended for children with challenges in the development of speech and language, as well as preschool and early school-aged children, which helps them overcome difficulties in pronunciation and comprehension.


Solutaria is an educational application that helps children develop their language skills through play and fun. It is the perfect aid for parents who want to support the development of children's speech in a simple and fun way. It is designed as a fun game where animated animals talk to the child, which gives them the feeling of experiencing an adventure. With child-friendly characters, interactivity, direct contact, and fun activities, the child practices the pronunciation of letters, learns to count, competes with peers, and overcomes speech challenges when pronouncing 11 consonants. Through this interactive, digital experience, carefully developed with the support of speech therapists and parents, children will build their imagination and logical reasoning while playing.



Marina Cupic

CEO & Founder