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Labbox is a new STEM education product that teaches the real science behind electronics and engineering with the benefits of block-based programming languages. Link to video:


Developed to inspire creativity and innovation, the new Labbox kits contain an assortment of specialised electronic blocks, which are fault tolerant but not fault preventing with built in immediate feedback for new learners. Each module has a specific function, such as power, light sensor, buzzer, distance sensor and more, allowing users to easily create simple and complex circuits. These blocks engage children in thinking deeply about how the world of electronics works and provide immediate feedback on where they went wrong in their circuit logic. Using the electronic building blocks of Labbox children can create inventive projects like a smart basketball game, a catapult and more, they can extend the projects they build through countless DIY projects provided for inspiration through Labbox’s online learning platform. Each kit is connected to the online learning platform which facilitates step by step instructions and explanations to expand their understanding of the engineering world.



Arta Shehu Zaimi

Co-founder & CEO


Glenn Noble

Chief Technology and Production Officer


Fiona Shehu

Co-founder, Chief Creative and Operations Officer