Anja Adamović and Nina Milic, representing Digital Den, took part in the Pitch Day organized by Keiretsu Forum in Tirana. 

During the event, six startups showcased their innovative ideas and products, with the primary goal of securing investments for their further development and obtaining valuable advice for future endeavors.

As you are already aware, the MTSB project gathers a minimum of 10 startups from Montenegro and the Western Balkans every year, embarking on a three-week tour across five states in the United States. Before embarking on the trip itself, the Digital Den team collaborates with partners from the BEST regional network to attend similar events in five Western Balkan countries. This allows them to identify the most promising ideas from the region and contribute to enhancing the startup ecosystem through their collective efforts.

We are confident that this event, thanks to the invitation from the Keiretsu Forum, will foster fruitful collaborations with startups from Albania, North Macedonia, and Kosovo, thereby strengthening networking opportunities and cultivating a robust startup ecosystem in the region.