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Flash is financial platform that connects banks, merchants, and users, increasing efficiency while cutting costs. Flash clients can make cardless & cashless payments in-store or online, as well as P2P transfers of funds to another Flash user using only his phone number. Flash has an integrated loyalty program that automates the customer registration process, requires no additional hardware or software resources from merchants, and provides better statistics on loyal customers.


No card? No cash? No problem! The rapid development of new technologies has an impact on the traditional banking sector as well. The needs of users are growing, and banks' adaptation to those needs is still slow. We created Flash because we want to kickstart a digital banking revolution and modernize and simplify traditional payment methods. Our mission is to connect banks, merchants, and clients via a one-of-a-kind financial platform, increasing efficiency while lowering costs. Clients can use the Flash mobile application to manage all of their bank accounts in one place, pay at merchants both in-store and online, P2P transfer funds, request or return funds from another Flash client using only their phone number, share a bill with another Flash client, or define a standing order for a specific time. The application also includes an integrated loyalty program that automates the customer registration process and does not require merchants to release additional hardware or software resources, giving them better statistics on loyal customers.



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