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Portal World


The most important part of travelling is to experience the culture and history of the place we are visiting and the best way to truly experience it would be to travel back to that point in time. Since that‘s not possible, the next best thing is to use technology to enhance your travel experience and immerse yourself into times gone by.


This is where PORTAL comes into play. It’s an augmented reality app that enables users to see and feel the history around them. Based on marker recognition technology, it is pin-point accurate and provides seamless experience by combining 2D, 3D, textual and audio content. Our app provides an experience that is impossible to get with any other form of sightseeing, it’s more affordable than traditional walking tours and it can provide customizable experience based on their interests.



Miron Lukač

Business Development Consultant; Project Manager; Product Owner


Alma Demirović

Architect (MA), Expert for Sustainable Development, Designer