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Perun Lab is a startup based in Belgrade who is developing a portable, stand-alone device for DNA amplification. The Project started as an effort of two biology stundets who wanted to learn about laboratory instruments. This got them to an idea to make a „DIY“ PCR device. An electrotechnician and a software engineer joined the team „Perun“, and with their help device was created. After a suggestion from an expert in the field of forensics and molecular biology, the team started working on something that was on another level. Our next endeavour was a real portable device for DNA amplification.


Amplife is a portable, stand-alone device for DNA amplification that can perform both the PCR and Isothermal amplification methods. Unlike other solutions it has its power supply and integrated logic so that you can enter and change all the parameters on the device itself. Interchangeable well-plates come in different reaction capacities 36, 100 and 360, enabling the user the pick and chose the one that fits their needs. Reactions are done directly in the well-plates without the need for plastic tubes, reducing plastic waste in the process of DNA analysis. Portability, stand-alone and high reaction capacity are three key features that make Amplife perfect for DNA amplification on terrain. If you are a scientist that’s always on terrains collecting samples, an agriculturist who wants to increase the yields of his plantations or a doctor that dreams of equal healthcare accessibility for everyone, then Amplife is a perfect solution for you. With it you don’t have to worry about sample degradation, preservation, transportation costs and about the quality of the results. No more will you have to bring terrain to the laboratory, with Amplife laboratory will be on terrain!



Petar Omrčen

CEO, biologist


Marko Marković



Milan Šuša

Software engineer


Radovan Subotić



Boris Zonjić

Brand and industrial designer