Klik is a super app, an innovative fintech infrastructure developed by Klik Tech Development LLC. Klik is a place for all social interactions and a place for easy and fast payments.

Klik’s mission is to become the most convenient payment method, anyone can do anything, book a taxi, buy food, shop anything they need while staying in touch with their friends, all without leaving Klik.

We are building a social-technological community of inventive and creative people who have a sense of all the advantages and disadvantages of existing social media platforms. The problem with these media is the way they store the data of their users. In our application, data privacy is guaranteed. That is one of the values ​​of our start-up.

Aiming to build and create a digital community that benefits both users and businesses, we hope that one day everything will be just a KLIK away.

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Location Boulevard of St. Petar Cetinjski 56