Social emotional intelligence (SEI) is the ability to be aware of our own emotions (self-awareness) and those of others (social-awareness), and to use that information to manage ourselves (self-management), and manage our relationships (relationship-management).

Flourish is a mobile app which measures, improves, and maintains your SEI via amusing educational games, fully interactive, and personalized.

The World Economic Forum and UNICEF identify a direct connection between SEI development and employability, career growth, and happiness.

The Covid-19 Pandemic boosted the need for social emotional development even more than in the past, via online training tools because of social distancing.

And there is good news: social emotional intelligence, unlike cognitive, can be developed throughout our whole life, but current ways are expensive, complex, and time consuming.

Flourish is your affordable digital coach that will enable you to enhance your SEI in your career and private life with just over 10 minutes a day.


Flourish team consists of senior leaders with long term experience in international companies in ICT, Marketing and Sales.

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