Dr. Knight

Dr. Knight

Dr. Knight


A guardian with a code of honor.

‘’While creating Dr. Knight laundry machine color catcher our team was operating under one credo – Make it clean while being green! And with the respect of the code of honor amazing midnight blue hydrogel balls were created together with new reinvented “Knight helmet” laundry ball.’’
CEO and cofounder Dr. Nedeljko Milosavljević

Dr. Knight ltd. is developing new, completely ‘’green’’ polymer material to help people in preventing dying of their clothes during laundry. Unlike other alternatives ‘Dr. Knight is bringing completely new patented material and technology on the market which introduce eco-friendliness, reusability, efficiency, multiuse and functional design. Polymer is completely made of renewable resources, where one of them is waste of sea food industry. By making Dr. Knight with simple procedure, on ambient pressure and temperature, we created product that contributes to sustainability, circular economy and health. It could be used in households as color catcher that prevents dyeing clothes during washing process as well as on industry scale as part of waste water treatment equipment. slikaflo

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