Eight new innovative business ideas one step closer to the global market

IPC Tehnopolis, the company Amplitudo and the Science and Technology Park of Montenegro, with the support of the Ministry of Science, are developing eight new innovative business ideas through the first pre-acceleration program in Montenegro - BoostMeUp.

The goal of this program is to enable young people and development teams to commercialize their idea, with financial assistance in the amount of 4,500 euros, non-financial support of mentors and the use of infrastructure segments, and bring it to the national, regional and global market.

Over 40 team members and mentors gathered in Technopolis from June 22 to 24 to finally meet the teams in person and through workshops continue intensive work on the development of ideas selected to be part of BoostMeUp.

All work halls were filled with the knowledge that all seven mentors passed on, through individual or group workshops, through online platforms or live. Part of the mentors was prevented from coming, so the workshops were held through digital technologies, while the mentors present in person did not hide their satisfaction with the entire program, ideas, teams, and their progress.

On this occasion, they said that this program is a very positive thing for Montenegrin entrepreneurship and that a live conversation with team members gives some additional value. The areas in which their mentors transfer knowledge have been unknown to some of the teams so far, but throughout the program, they received the necessary support to improve and eventually have the finished product and present it in the right way at the final event in September. Here is what the mentors said about the program so far:

Teams that are part of the BoostMeUp program: Orhis, Flourish, Seljak.me, Sunrocket Solar Cooker, Solar Villager, Zahn265, Innat, and Partour develop their ideas in the fields of energy, tourism, agriculture, ecology, ICT and are directed towards the digitalization of society. In strategically key areas defined by the S3 strategy of smart specialization of Montenegro, which enables strengthening the competitiveness of the Montenegrin economy by connecting forces in research and innovation with the needs and development opportunities of the economy.

After two days of energetic and intensive work, team members expressed satisfaction with the acquired knowledge, the opportunity to work with mentors live, but also the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas with other teams that are participants in the program.

The program will be followed by new workshops that will also be organized at IPC Technopolis in mid-July. The teams have only one task - to work diligently and persistently on the development of their ideas in order to present their ideas to investors, business angels, at the final event, Montenegro Pitching Contest, which will be held on September 22 within the Western Balkan Startup Forum. and successful entrepreneurs from the country and the region.

Through such and similar projects financed by the Ministry of Science of Montenegro, we are sure that we are on the right path of development of the Montenegrin innovative and startup ecosystem, and that the teams will take another step towards the global market because they will gain the comprehensive knowledge they need.

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